Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The rental period is a fixed duration agreed to when booking. Each day begins at 08.00 hours and ends at 19.00 hours. The rental period cannot be modified without confirmation from the rental shop. The rental charges start the day the equipment is taken from the shop or the day after where equipment is collected in the evening and finish the day the equipment is returned to the rental shop. Each rental day is subject to the published rate. For bookings made through the website the "first day skiing" quoted during the booking process will be the day the rental charges start.

Full payment must be made (or remaining balance where a deposit has been paid when pre-booking) at the point of collection, without exception.

The client assumes total responsibility for all hire equipment taken from the premises. In the case of equipment not returned, in whatever circumstances, the client will be charged the purchase cost of the equipment new plus the hire charges.

The equipment is maintained in good condition appropriate for normal use, and should only be used for such purposes. It must be returned in a condition consistent with normal usage. All equipment bears identifying marks and/or numbers. It must be returned with the same identifying marks and/or numbers. Any damage exceeding reasonable wear and tear will result in the client bearing the cost of repairs or, where equipment is beyond repair, the purchase cost of the equipment new above their rental charges.

The hired equipment is to be used only by the client whose name appears on the rental contract. The equipment must not be re-hired or loaned to a third party.

We may ask for proof of identity and/or a credit card imprint in order to establish the rental contract.

Replacement costs for lost/damaged equipment.

Blue Skis - €250

Red Skis and Snowboards- €350

Black Skis - €500

Junior Skis- €200

Kids Skis- €140

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